we build the best battle rifles in the world

We are a 21st century weapons company. We are innovators. With our collective knowledge of several industries we have been able to design a Manufacturing Quality System based on the Quality By Design method. We also have included the concepts of the Taguchi Quality methods for On-Target, minimum variation in our processes. With these two methods backing up our Military Specifications (mil specs) fabrication, you can rest assure you will receive a rifle that performs to your expectations.

Our support goes beyond the post-sale process. We accompany you from the beginning, answering your questions and listening to your updated needs. We believe we should be your partner from the start to the end.

Our universal platform guarantees you with replacement parts availability for many years to come, even after the maximum operational life of your rifle is reached. With hundreds of thousands M4 style rifles being used around the world and in constant manufacturing and service, the availability of parts is secured.



With our embedded RFID technology and our A2i Software we can update you about how is the production of the rifles you ordered moving forward. You will be able to see how the rifles will be configured. For every step on the manufacturing and assembly line you will get automated updates about the process.

You will also be able to log into our server and see how your order is being fulfilled. Your department will be up to date with knowledge of your order. The updates are sent automatically to your contact information once the parts are manufactured, when they have cleared manufacturing quality control, when they enter their assembly phase and when the assembly is finished for every single rifle.

The serial number of the rifles, its configuration, manufacturing data, assembly data and any future data will be linked for life in our systems. It is an electronic passport for the weapon and it will be available to any authorised personnel of your choosing anytime and anywhere.


The rifles will be shipped to you either in an individual polymer case or a multipack polymer case. To guarantee your rifles safe delivery at your location. We only work with accredited freight forwarders and shipping companies using secure bonded warehouses. A chain of custody is of utter importance and we track the shipments from our warehouse to yours. Whether you need to be serviced from the east coast or the west coast we have the right carrier for your shipment.


Your rifles will undergo extensive testing before they are cleared for shipping. Every part will be measured against mil specs values. The coating will be inspected microscopically. Finally, a live fire test will be done using several loaded magazines to test semi-auto fire and full-auto fire performance, once it is cleared it will be packed for shipping.


We will always be there to assist with any documentation you might need to clear your local customs. Our officials will be there to assist you when you receive the shipment in your country.


We are the best, we only team with the best. UWS selected our friends at Falcon Operations Group to help us train your personnel in UCR and UPR rifles manipulation and operation. Falcon Ops can also go a little forward and train your personnel in advanced combat tactics and specific training you may need. We will make sure your operators will get the required training to master the use of our rifles.

post sale

Our embedded RFID technology and A2i will also allow your personnel to record future maintenance operations done to your rifles so you will be able to calculate the time remaining for future parts replacements or major maintenance.