• Our rifles includes a Delay Sear Activation System DSASĀ® patented and licensed device. It is a mechanical dispositive that reduces the automatic rate of fire in our rifles from 875 rounds per minute to about 600 rounds per minute on average. This system not only reduces the rate of fire but also the impact speed at in which the bolt carrier sets up the next round in the chamber making the rifle automatic fire softer and more controllable.
  • Reliability is increased due to impact stress reduction to the bolt carrier and the reduced rate of fire, as a consequence the heat transfer is also considerably reduced extending the operational life of the barrel.
  • Totally controllable auto-fire is achieved with a soft activation of the trigger because the period between shots has been reduced and the tempo is steady. The effect is immediate, precise and controllable automatic fire.
  • An obvious advantage of this dispositive is in its use when the rifles are configured with silencers/supressors.
  • The DSAS device also allows the operator to be able to shoot in semi-automatic mode while having the lever set on full automatic mode, it only takes a brief activation of the trigger to take advantage of the improved trigger reset.
  • FERFRANS® Inc., owner of the DSAS patents has given UWS exclusive manufacturing and user licenses for the DSAS device.

The following video shows and operational comparison animation between a standard bolt carrier system and DSAS bolt carrier system. You can see the difference in the rate of fire as well as the shock absorbing effect of the DSAS device.

The following two videos show live fire operational comparisons between a standard system rifle and our rifle outfitted with the DSAS device. Note the controllability and steady tempo between rounds when the DSAS device is used in automatic fire mode.

The advantages of the DSAS device are impressive and real. Full controllable automatic fire is achieved regardless of barrel length as shown in the following videos: